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The Black Piece

German premiere

Ann van den Broek - WArd/waRD (BE/NL)

A photo from the production "The Black Piece"
Photo © Maarten Vanden Abeele


“[…] How many people are involved in this performance? What are they doing there, beside and behind the stage? Noises become rhythms, rhythms become movement patterns. Equipped with a torch, choreographer Ann van den Broek reveals what is happening in the dark. Men and women twist and turn in the semi-darkness – and glance provocatively into a camera that films them live and now and then cuts them out of the darkness. Are they hiding? Vulnerable? Or indulging in a fetish? Briefly, the light goes on, allowing us to get an overview. Then darkness again. ‘The Black Piece’ is a deeply intimate piece that holds the audience captive, somewhere between embarrassed revulsion and voyeuristic attraction.”
NDR Kultur, 12 September 2016        

preview TEXT

In 2015 “The Black Piece” by Flemish choreographer Ann Van den Broek was awarded The Netherlands’ Zwaan dance prize. Deservedly so, as it is an irresistible, powerful work that blurs the boundaries between the stage and the audience, between reality and fiction. Darkness prevails, where intimacy and secrecy, security and snares lie side by side. With the help of a cameraman on stage, the performers draw the audience into the darkness, revealing much of their personalities as they do so. Constantly in flux, the size and nature of the group is hard to discern. Meanwhile, Van den Broek stands apart, acting as an observer of the maelstrom of developments, and witnessing the fascinating action. “The Black Piece” shows both everything and nothing and creates an unfamiliar, artificial space, suspended somewhere between dance, film and theatre.

(approx. 55 Min.)

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cast & credits

Concept, Direction, Choreography: Ann Van den Broek
Mit: Louis Combeaud, Wolf Govaerts, Frauke Mariën, Nik Rajšek, Emma Seresia and others
Cinematography & Live camera: Bernie van Velzen
Hand-lamp: Ann Van den Broek
Assistance Ann Van den Broek: Marie De Corte, Judit Ruiz Onandi
Music composition: Arne Van Dongen
Vocal performance: Gregory Frateur
Set design: Ann Van den Broek, Bernie van Velzen
Styling costumes: Ann Van den Broek, Judith Van Herck
Make-up: Jos Brands
Advice: Marc Vanrunxt
Technician: Frank van Schie
Production management: Hedi Legerstee (Hit Me Productions)
Office management: Ruth Bruyneel
Publicity: Ilse van Dijk
Photography: Maarten Vanden Abeele
International bookings:  Line Rousseau/A propic
Premiere: 19 September 2014, Korzo theater, The Hague

Co-production:  WArd/waRD, Antwerp – The Hague/ ccBerchem; Antwerp and Korzo producties, The Hague.
With the financial support of:  The Performing Art Fund NL and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

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