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Priyèr' Sї Priyèr'

Soul City (FR)

A photo from the production "Priyèr' Sї Priyèr'"
Photo © Cyril Plomteux


“[…] In combination with the elaborate lighting (by Virginie Briand), the dynamic tempo of the dancers’ arm, hand and leg movements creates positively magical moments. In one scene, the three men sit in front of a tin bucket containing a lit candle while the rest of the stage is plunged into nocturnal darkness. Dashing their feet and hands back and forth over the flame, it looks as if the body parts themselves were on fire. […] The dancers charge towards each other and retreat again, turn somersaults in the air and perform breakdance-style spins. This piece is phenomenally imaginative and atmospherically dense. […]”
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 10 September 2016       

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Three is a magic number. From the Holy Trinity to the popular belief that the third time is lucky, it has had a special significance since the earliest times. In view of this, choreographer Didier Boutiana opted for three dancers for his piece “Priyèr Sї Priyèr” (prayer on prayer), in which spiritual spaces are formed of light and shadow on the stage. With Soul City, Boutiana founded the first officially recognized hip hop dance company on Le Réunion and won several breakdance contests in succession. Now he has also embraced contemporary dance. His subjects are friendship, personal encounters and exchange, and these also play a central role in “Priyèr Sї Priyèr”. In this piece with a ritual character, the brilliant dancers switch seamlessly from performing wild spins on the floor to meditative movements, conjuring striking, sculptural images with their bodies. A far cry from any holiday-paradise clichés that might be associated with La Réunion, this work allows the audience to look deep into the soul of the well-known island in the Indian Ocean.

(approx. 55 Min.)

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cast & credits

Choreography: Didier Boutiana
Choreographer's assistant: Vincent Fontano
Performers: Didier Boutiana, Sébastien Comtois, Olivier Flaconel
Spoken word written by: Francky Lauret
Voice: Alex Sorres
Original music: Labelle
Set design: Tony Steel
Light design and -direction: Virginie Briand
Company management and sound: Annie Andriamiharisoa
Bookings: Dirk Korell - camin aktion

Production: Compagnie Soul City
Co-production: Léspas culturel Leconte de Lisle/ TEAT Champ Fleuri/ TEAT plein Air/ Les Théâtres Départementaux de la Réunion

Supported by: Region Réunion/ DAC OI/ County Réunion/ City of Saint-Paul/ Kabardock/ CND (Centre national de la danse) Pantin

This event was made possible with support of the Institut français and the French Ministry for Culture and Communication/ DGCA.

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