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Avec Anastasia

Mickaël Phelippeau (FR)

A photo from the production "Avec Anastasia"
Photo © Philippe Savoir


“[…] Right from the start, the pace is remarkable: This young lady is not content just to shake her impressive braids but tells us while still offstage that her ‘hair dance’ has an aggressive element and a protective function – the braids could equally well be whips or a veil. This special blend of playfulness, gravity and waywardness continues for the rest of the evening. […] Anastasia can tell stories, act, sing. And she has a remarkable feel for her body – the way she refrains from coming on all ecstatic to howling rock music but performs restrained floor movements, waiting to the end for her big release, is wonderful. […] A powerful piece. […]”
Kreiszeitung Syke, 6 September 2016      

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“My work is above all an interpersonal adventure,” French choreographer Mickaël Phelippeau once said in an interview. The audience attending the piece “Avec Anastasia” can expect to experience such an adventure first hand. Personal encounters play a central role in Phelippeau’s work. He is inspired by people he meets, mostly by chance, and creates pieces by working with them as equal partners. Following on from the choreographer’s two previous appearances at the festival – a choreography for a large choir in 2013 and a piece dedicated to the adolescent Ethan in 2014 – he now invites us to meet Anastasia. In “Avec Anastasia”, a sensitive portrait of an 18-year-old schoolgirl originally from Guinea, who lives in France, he again captures the magic of being a teenager. Anastasia provides insights into her everyday life, shows us her favourite dances and lets us share in her dreams. It makes an enchanting piece under the banner of hope for tomorrow’s generation.

(approx. 55 Min.)

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cast & credits

Choreography: Mickaël Phelippeau
Performer: Anastasia Moussier
Light design: Anthony Merlaud
Artistic collaboration: Carole Perdereau
Artistic consultant: Claire Haenni
Production/ Distribution/ Administration/: Fabrik Cassiopée – Isabelle Morel, Manon Crochemore and Gabrielle Rinaldo

Executive producer: bi-p association
Co-production: Théâtre Brétigny Scène conventionnée/ L’échangeur – CDC Hauts-de-France

With the support of: Scène Nationale d’Orléans
With thanks to: Lycée Voltaire d’Orléans, Compagnie L’eau qui dort Jérȏme Marin, Néné and Karl Moussier
Bi-p is supported by the DRAC Centre-Val de Loire – Ministère de Culture et de la Communication, the Région Centre-Val de Loire, the Département de l’Essonne and the Département de Seine Saint Denis.

This event was made possible with support of the Institut français and the French Ministry for Culture and Communication/ DGCA.

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