TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL 2020 - news

With a heavy heart we have to ask all festival fans for patience: The 35th edition of the TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL festival, originally planned from September 3rd to 13th, has to be postponed to the coming year. Due to the restrictions, some of which are still valid for an indefinite period of time, the requirements for a personal appointment between the artists and the audience, which make up the outstanding live experience, are not met.

After the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, solutions were sought and hoped for together with the artists, while restrictions in the home countries of the guests - as well as in Germany - gradually made larger parts of the program impossible. But even a reduced program would not be feasible (despite less restrictions in the meantime), because up to now (as of mid of June 2020) there are still no official statements in Lower Saxony about the modalities for holding dance events in theatres.

In order to nevertheless make the originally intended dance program accessible and to offer planning certainty to the dance companies affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic, the 2020 program will be postponed and presented as extensively as possible at TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL 2021.

Special thanks go to the sponsors who have supported the festival team in every respect in this exceptional situation.

Planned dates for the next edition are September 2 to 12, 2021. The program and ticket sales for TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL 2021 are scheduled for June 2021.

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"Think Big 2020" residency program for young choreographers in Hanover

A joint project for young talents by the Staatsballett Hannover (directed by Marco Goecke) and the festival TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL

Following an application process at the beginning of the year, with 130 applications, the jury has selected three young artists for the "Think Big" project. Despite Corona. Due to the at this point valid restrictions in the course of the corona pandemic, which made a large open audition impossible, the project could not be realized this year. For this reason, rehearsals with the three selected choreographers and a large ensemble will take place in Hanover next summer and the results will be presented at TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL 2021.

We would like to introduce (from left to right):

Gizem Aksu (TR) Eduardo Vallejo Pinto (ES) Anibal Dos Santos (PT/DE)

(Video editing: Henri Nidzwetzki)

The „Think Big 2020/2021“ residencies are funded by the Stiftung Niedersachsen, Landeshauptstadt Hannover/ Kulturbüro and Region Hannover with funds from the Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur.

The Lower Saxony Declaration of the Many

The development of our society is a positive one. Our country is now more diverse and liberal-minded. As a result, new questions concerning the social coexistence need to be answered. The process of asking questions and finding the answers is more and more taken over by populists who cause anxiety and insecurity. The cultural institutions of Lower Saxony want to fight against these powers and work together with a progressive and mediative approach.

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