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Orangerie Herrenhausen

Time Takes The Time Time Takes

GN | MC - Guy Nader | Maria Campos (LB/ES)


“[…] Here, the choreographers have created a relentless continuum to the beat of danced movements which […] include skilful seesawing and rocking and holding partners at arm’s length or letting them fly off freely before catching them again right on time. Time always has us in its grip, even when we seem to rise above it. […] In the middle and at the end, the dancers fan out like the semi-circular spokes of a wheel. Hand in hand, one standing, two hanging at each side, one constantly walks away to the right only to push up again from the left, creating the impression of a herd of humans, moving across the stage – a symbol of the incessancy of time, though people come and go. It is truly impressive how the phenomenon of time is spelled out here so imaginatively, tangibly and precisely. […]”
www.tanznetz.de, 5 September 2017       

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Lebanese-Spanish choreographer duo Guy Nader and Maria Campos stand for a highly dynamic dance idiom in which everything is constantly in flux. Indeed, their current piece “Time Takes The Time Time Takes” is a physical challenge for all five dancers, including themselves: Around the leitmotif of the pendulum, they create compelling images with their bodies, holding the viewer’s gaze to the last. Like a perpetuum mobile, the sweat-inducing choreography generates a seemingly inexorable flow of movements, which the performers repeat, accelerate and stretch without interruption. The ensemble goes on a journey through time and space, calling to mind thoughts of transience and the relative nature of time in our ever faster-moving world. The live music by Javi Mora provides the right sound setting for one hour of pure intensity.

(approx. 60 Mins.)

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cast & credits

Idea / Concept: Guy Nader, Maria Campos
Direction: Guy Nader
Creation / Performance: Maria Campos, Guy Nader, Magí Serra, Lisard Tranis, Roser Tutusaus
Music direction / composition: Miguel Marin
Music: Javier Mora
Light design: Israel Quintero and Lidia Ayala
Light direction: Conchita Pons
Light technician: Albert Glas
Costume: Viviane Calvitti, GN | MC

Production: Raqscene
Co-production: Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona 
With the support of: Graner- fàbrica de creació, Barcelona / L'Estruch, Sabadell / CO2 Festival, Beirut / La Caldera, Barcelona /
Paso a 2 and Universidad Carlos III, Madrid
In collaboration with: Department of Culture - Generalitat de Catalunya

With thanks to: Francesco Barba, Fàtima Campos, Alexis Eupierre, Miquel Fiol, Bush Hartshorn, Thais Hvid, Charlotte Mathiessen

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