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Orangerie Herrenhausen

Set of Sets

GN│MC Guy Nader│Maria Campos (LB/ES)


“[…] Finding each other, coming closer, connecting, detaching, drifting away, letting go, in often soft, very sinuous movements. And then, almost suddenly, the individual, energy-charged bodies combine to form a large symbiotic whole […], almost amorphous, bizarre. A community, with equal rights, anti-hierarchical. […] Bodies are thrown up into the air, turned around, and made to fly horizontally. Variations of movement patterns lead to new movement sequences. […] In the end it seems as if we have followed a path from the source to the sea, the eternal water cycle. Very little standstill, only brief moments to reflect, as the current of time, of the river, is unrelenting.”

Neue Presse, 9 September 2019

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A fascinating, apparently endless labyrinth of bodies in action inhabits “Set of Sets” by this Lebanese/Spanish choreographer duo. In their second appearance at the festival, Guy Nader and his partner Maria Campos, together with five other male and female dancers, challenge the laws of gravity to create plenty of surprising moments. Following on from “Time Takes The Time Time Takes”, which they presented at the festival two years ago, “Set of Sets” continues to examine the human perception of temporal cycles, rhythm and transience. The performers’ constant motion, to the point of complete exhaustion, is propelled by the captivating live music by percussionist Miguel Marin. The duo’s previous appearance at the festival took the audience by storm and received standing ovations. Here, Nader and Campos present another timeless allegory on life of equally high energy and intensity.

(approx. 90 mins)

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cast & credits

Idea & Concept: GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos
Direction: Guy Nader
Creation & Performance: Maria Campos, Guy Nader, Roser Tutusaus, Lisard Tranis,
Patricia Hastewell, Csaba Varga, Tom Weksler
Music: Miguel Marín
Light design: Yaron Abulafia
Technical direction: Albert Glas
Costumes: Anna Ribera
Artistic advice: Alexis Eupierre
Rehearsal assistance: Tanja Skok

Production: Raqscene, Elclimamola
Co-production: Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona/ Festival Sismògraf, Olot/Julidans Festival, Amsterdam
With the support of: Graner, Barcelona/ La Caldera, Barcelona/ Les Brigittines – Centre d’Art contemporain du Mouvement de la Ville de Bruxelles
In collaboration with: Departament de Cultura - Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona/ Ministerio de Cultura - INAEM, Madrid/ AC/E (Programme PICE), Madrid

World premiere: 19th April 2018 Festival Sismògraf, Olot, Girona, Spain


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