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Orangerie Herrenhausen

Hidden in plain sight

German premiere

Hungry Sharks (AT)


“[…] The magic word was densification. How does our perception of movements change when it is put in a new context? This question could be beautifully explored while watching Farah Deen performing a solo, soon to be joined by other members of the eight-person company. The octet (with choreographer Valentin Alfery) made the dancefloor smaller directly on the stage by marking out limits with adhesive tape. Until they were all moving in such a starkly reduced space that there was cause for concern about the risk of injury, but they were skilled in not kicking each other in the ribs. […]”
Neue Presse, 10 September 2018

Preview text

Presenting hip hop from an alpine republic: With his company Hungry Sharks, choreographer Valentin Alfery, long-time champion of urban dance in Austria, creates a striking blend of hip hop and contemporary dance, shown internationally in acclaimed full-length productions since 2011. One of the company’s latest pieces, “Hidden in plain sight”, sounds out the complex ramifications of interpersonal relations: What impact can a fleeting encounter have? What actions and reactions provide the impetus for change? Like living puzzle pieces, Alfery shifts and shuffles the performers’ urban dance elements – the basic components in a great, fluid whole. The moving images thus created by the eight dancers, including the choreographer himself, look back at past experiences and hint at things to come. Meanings are shifted, while strenuous moves take on an unexpected fragility and crystallise into ever-changing constellations on the minimalist stage.

(approx. 60 mins.)

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cast & credits

Choreography / Concept: Valentin Alfery
Music: Patrick Gutensohn
Production Management / Costumes: Dušana Baltić
Dance: Valentin Alfery, Olivia Mitterhuemer, Farah Deen, Manuel Pölzl, Mustapha Ajdour, Moritz Steinwender, Diego de la Rosa, Patrick Gutensohn

Co-Production: Hungry Sharks/ CCB - Center for Choreography Bleiburg/ brut Wien

With the support of: Österreichisches Kulturforum, Berlin/ Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

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