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Orangerie Herrenhausen


German premiere

Galit Liss (IL)


“[…] None [of the performers] is a professional dancer, nor is their age range, from the early 60s to the mid-80s, standard for a dance festival. But at some point, neither factor is at all relevant. […] We can tell that getting up after floor moves is sometimes a little arduous for them. […] Even though the dancers’ combined experience of life surely encompasses more than just sunshine and roses, the prevailing mood is entirely positive. Because it is authentic. […] It is obviously never too late. Never too late to earn tumultuous applause.”

Neue Presse, 5 September 2019

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The Israeli choreographer Galit Liss has a special instinct for people in whom an inner fire of curiosity, courage and hope still burns even after decades of life’s ups and downs. And for several years, she has been successfully putting these energies on the stage by creating productions for older women that harness their charisma and experience. “GO!” is the outcome of a period of intensive work with a large group of dance-interested women – all previous participants in her “Gila” workshops in Tel Aviv. The Hebrew word “Gila” not only means period of life but also joy and discovery and so expresses all three elements that define “GO!”. In the 18-strong group populating the stage are mothers, grandmothers, a fighter jet pilot; women who would have liked to become or to have stayed dancers. With this piece, Liss dedicates the stage to their stories, to pay tribute to the experience inscribed in their bodies and the biographies of these remarkable women.

(approx. 60 mins)

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cast & credits

Choreography: Galit Liss
Co-creator & Rehearsal Director: Orit Gross
Creating Performers: Ada Naggar, Batia Cohen, Bina Rancourt,
Halina Shamshins, Mor Chmura,
Naomi Yahel, Nava Shapira, Nurit Limor,
Orit Gross, Shlomit Rib, Ruth Gour-Lavie,
Tamar Natanel, Talma Dim,
Terry Kischinovsky, Tirza Shpanauff-Many,
Varda Ginossar–Zakay, Zehava Noy-Meir, Zipora Ram-Fink
Music: Avi Belleli
Dramaturgy: Nataly Zukerman
Light Design: Rotem Elroy
Costumes: Noga Ram, Iris Erlich Studio, Galit Liss
Sound: Moshe Shasho
Show manager : Noa Dar
Photography & Video editing: Eli Passi
Graphic Design: Nurit Brande
International & Tour Manager: Alina Feldman

Production: Galit Liss Company

With the support of: Israel Lottery Council for the Arts/Israel Choreographers Association / The Council for Culture and Art

Funded by the Landeshaupstadt Hannover, Kulturbüro and with the support from the Israeli Embassy.

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