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Orangerie Herrenhausen

Boom Bodies

Doris Uhlich (AT)


“[…] This time she focuses on processes of mobilizing and releasing energy, strength, tempo, skill, elasticity, passion. Everything that the professional dancer’s body has stored in it, she extracts. For the ensemble, consisting of three women and five men, it is exhausting. […] One dancer performs moves that are copied by a second. They create ever more movement patterns. The dynamic accelerates. The ensemble members dance themselves into a trance, coming together and breaking apart again. There is definitely something aggressive about the hammering beats, as there is about the way the dancers fling their arms and heads back and forth. But the performers exude positive energy throughout. And that carries over. […]”
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 8 September 2017

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This choreography is not for the faint-hearted: To the sound of pumping techno beats, Doris Uhlich drives her eight dancers to the edge of exhaustion, using her own special dance technique based on methods of channelling and releasing energy. This is her preferred way of gaining freedom – from the global phenomenon of fear, which can turn people immobile. Uhlich’s life-affirming movement explosions gradually intensify into a collective physical euphoria, the vibrations of which reach over to the audience. The rhythm for this enthralling dance marathon is provided by a live DJ, flooding the space with music, which the dancers transfer into ever new movement patterns. Even when everything suddenly seems to go calm, the energy in the performers’ bodies continues pulsating, just in slow motion. The beat goes on – come what may.

(approx. 60 mins.)

cast & credits

Choreography: Doris Uhlich
Dance: Eyal Bromberg, Christina Gazi, Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir, Hugo Le Brigand, Andrius Mulokas, Yali Rivlin, Roni Sagi, Anna Virkkunen
Dramaturgy: Heike Albrecht
DJ: Boris Kopeinig
Lighting: Bruno Pocheron
Feedback: Katalin Erdödi, Yoshie Maruoka, Christine Standfest
Technical Advice: Gerald Pappenberger

Production: Theresa Rauter & Christine Sbaschnigg / insert (theatre association), Vienna
Co-production: Tanzquartier Wien

insert (theatre association) is funded by the Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien.


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