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Artists’ residency programme “Think Big” 2016


Carla Jordão (DE/PT), Edan Gorlicki (DE/NL/IL), Ashley Wright (DE/AUS)

A photo showing the three choreographers: (from left to right: Carla Jordão, Edan Gorlicki, Ashley Wright)
Photo © Jörg Mannes

Carla Jordão (DE/PT): „Projections of the Unconscious“


“[…] In the case of Portuguese-born Carla Jordão, in contrast, works of visual art served as the points of departure for her production ‘Projections of the Unconscious’. By means of abrupt, steadily escalating movements, she freed her dancers in this piece from their rigidity and gradually made them come to life. […]”
Neue Presse, 8 September 2016

Edan Gorlicki (DE/NL/IL): „VORTEX“


“[…] His [Edan Gorlicki’s] piece entitled ‘Vortex’ truly is a maelstrom, a fantastically ramped-up circular movement, which not only encompasses the whole room but also grips the audience with its presence. […] They relentlessly wander every which way, swaying in the storm, until everyone is drawn into the maelstrom, and forced to join in. […] A strong piece, meaningful even in its abstraction, and powerfully performed by the dancers.”
www.tanznetz.de, 8 September 2016    

Ashley Wright (DE/AUS): „Because it's never gonna come to a beginning“


“[…] This Australian-born, Berlin-based [choreographer] has dedicated her work […] to exploring the phenomenon of suspending disbelief in literature and film. Audiences accept fiction with illogical or impossible-seeming plots because they want to be entertained. Wright’s approach to playing with illusion uses plenty of comedy and slapstick. It is amusing and unpredictable, full of original ideas and fast-paced. […]”
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 8 September 2016


PROJect description

Some weeks ago, three young choreographers and nine dancers met for the first time in Hanover and embarked on a creative journey together. They are the participants in the “Think Big” artists’ residency programme, hosted by the ballet of the Hanover State Opera and TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL festival. Ashley Wright, an Australian living in Berlin, Israeli-born Edan Gorlicki, who works in Heidelberg and Groningen, and Cologne-based Carla Jordão from Portugal are the lucky young dance-makers selected from some 70 applicants to participate in the residency programme. At “Think Big” the journey is its own reward: The project enables the choreographers to gain experience of working with a large ensemble over a period of several weeks, without any financial pressure.

On the jury this year was guest juror Gregor Zöllig, artistic director and chief choreographer at Tanztheater am Staatstheater Braunschweig, alongside host jurors Jörg Mannes, ballet director of the Hanover State Opera, and Christiane Winter, director of the TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL festival. The temporary ensemble, set up especially for the “Think Big” productions, was personally put together by the choreographers, who had the opportunity to meet and select dancers at large-scale auditions.

The audience this evening can expect to see plenty of refreshing ideas from upcoming young talents, channelled into three 20-minute choreographies and honed for the stage. Together they make up a varied trio of world premieres for the fifth edition of “Think Big” presented at the festival.

(approx. 100 mins. incl. two intervals)

cast & credits

„Projections of the Unconscious“
Choreography: Carla Jordão
Music: Veerian, Wibutee

Choreography: Edan Gorlicki
Music: Edan Gorlicki & „Azure", written and performed by Greg Haines, published by Erased Tapes Music
With thanks to Eva-Maria Steine

„Because it isn’t going to come to a beginning”
Choreography: Ashley Wright
Music: Joris Gielen

Dance and artistic collaboration: Kirill Berezovski, Martijn Dirk Joling, Kiyan Khoshoie, Mark Christoph Klee, Kalin Morrow, Giulia Piana, Andrea Vallescar, TingAn Ying

With thanks to Nicola Migliorati

Production/Dramaturgy: Tilman Richter

Training and choreographic assistance: Karine Seneca

Light design: Wilfried Heitmüller

Costume assistance: Sabine Mech

The „Think Big“ residencies 2016 in Hanover are funded by the Stiftung Niedersachsen, Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover, Landeshauptstadt Hannover / Kulturbüro and Region Hannover.


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