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La Edad de Oro

Compania Israel Galván (ES)

A picture from the production  "La Edad de Oro"
© Felix Vázquez


“[…] His [Galván’s] musical accompaniment skilfully fosters tradition: David Lagos’ guttural, flourish-laden singing and Alfredo Lagos’ virtuoso guitar elicit ovations from the partly Spanish audience in the music college hall. The pounding and hammering of Galván’s feet provides the drum beat; he beats on his chest, legs, the soles of his shoes. His body becomes a medium of sound; his terrific, minutely precise gestures become visual percussion. […] Brilliant.” Neue Presse, 8 September 2012        

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“Flamenco artists no longer have the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of fiestas, tablaos and private gatherings. I have the internet, I love cinema… we don’t have the same influences anymore,” says Israel Galván. A choreographer and dancer with impressive physical control, Galván takes flamenco into the 21st century, skilfully playing off traditional techniques and influences from other dance styles against each other and so bringing the dance bang up to date.

In his prize-winning solo “La Edad de Oro” (The Golden Age), with live vocal and guitar accompaniment, the Seville-based choreographer/dancer probes the innermost core of flamenco and takes it as his point of departure for some highly charged movement experiments. One of the sources of inspiration for the piece was the film of the same name by Surrealists Bunuel and Dali. Their avant-garde spirit is also reflected in the work of Galván, who, as a gifted dance researcher and acute observer of the here and now, is actively co-creating today’s flamenco.

(Approx. 90 Min.)


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cast & credits

Choreography / Dance: Israel Galvàn
Voice: David Lagos
Guitar: Alfredo Lagos
Direction/Dramaturgy: Pedro G. Romero
Sound: Pedro León
Light: Rubén Camacho
Production and General Management: A Negro Producciones
Management (Germany): Mondigromax, Dietrich Grosse

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